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About Lake Travis Youth Football
Lake Travis Youth Football
The Lake Travis Youth Football program is about player development, safety and fun. Our coaches are required to be certified by the American Youth Football Organization (AYF) and subject to background checks. All this insures we provide players with the highest quality football program for development and competition within the Central Texas Conference. It is our priority to build the mental and physical confidence of all our athletes. It is important to develop a high quality of determination and motivation in all players while also maintaining a healthy level of competition. We work to develop elite athletic training for athletes before making their transition to the middle school/high school level. We provide an environment where the everyday kid can grow their self-esteem through physical & emotional work and grit. We ensure an atmosphere of pride and camaraderie in all participants of the Lake Travis Youth Football program. None of this means anything if the program is not safe or fun which is why the Lake Travis Youth Football makes those important factors it’s highest priorities. It is only through teaching proper technique, having the proper gear, and vigorous coach training that youth football is a safe sport. We put in the maximum time and effort to make sure every child and family has a positive experience with the Lake Travis Youth Football. We pride ourselves in offering our community another option when looking for a program that’s right for you.  Part of truly being in it for the kids, is providing a place where each & every child can play. And, we are pleased to extend our programs at a lower cost, as we know extracurricular activities can become a big expense.  The last thing that is important to mention:  We keep the politics out of our program.  If it isn’t productive, we don’t have room for it in Lake Travis Youth Football.